Robert: America plans to ban Canadians who smoke weed legally

Canada’s decision to legalize marijuana may cause some issues for those looking to enter the U.S. The United States will bar anyone from Canada for smoking marijuana legally, for working in Canada’s legal marijuana industry and for investing in legal Canadian marijuana companies.

Todd Owen from the The Office of Field Operations says the U.S. does not plan to change its border policies to account for Canada’s marijuana legalization. “We don’t recognize that as a legal business.” The Office of Field Operations is a federal law enforcement agency within the U.S. Customs and Border Protection responsible for managing United States customs operations.

Owen said border officers will not begin asking every Canadian about their marijuana use, however officers might ask if “other questions lead there,” or “if there is a smell coming from the car,” or if a dog detects marijuana residue.

Owen did not specify how much equity a Canadian has to hold in a cannabis company to be denied entry.

Marijuana legalization will take affect in Canada on October 17th.



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