Robert: Amazon is selling a bracelet that shocks you into eating healthy

If you are need of a little extra will power to help curb those junk food cravings, here’s something that’ll learn you real fast!

Amazon is selling a bracelet that gives you a 350 volt electric shock every time you cheat on your diet. The bracelet is believed to help your brain associate the bad habit with the uncomfortable zap. Eventually you’ll be less inclined to commit a no-no as your body would rather no get shocked despite how bad it may want the junk food. And if you think you won’t be able to put yourself through the pain, you can set up your friend with an app that can shock you remotely.

“It feels like if you were to touch a doorknob after rubbing your socks on the carpet,” says the bracelet’s inventor. “There‚Äôs a real power in using a little bit of pain to help you break your bad habits.”

The bracelet is not just designed to help with your food cravings either. It can be applied to help you deal with any bad habit you may have.



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