Robert: 88 year old set to walk the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference


An 88-year-old man from Massachusetts is only one mile away from walking a distance equivalent to walking around the world.

Brad Hathaway, 88, started walking daily in his mid-50s after his doctor suggested it for his health issues.

“My doctor said, ‘You better walk, you better start walking tomorrow and start walking 3 miles a day,” Hathaway said. “So, I did, and I mapped out the entire town.”

Since then, Hathaway has logged over 24 000 miles (38 624.25 km) in total.

“I’m 1 mile to 24,901 and that’s around the Earth at the equator,” Hathaway said.

He plans on completing the last mile on October 3rd, raising money for charity in the process.




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