Robert: 8 year old saves sister from choking, credits John Cena


When John Cena filmed an episode of a prank show, he probably didn’t think he’d would one day save someone’s life.

Eight-year-old Jaxson Demsey says he was able to prevent his 20-month-old sister Lelia from choking thanks to the former WWE Champion. 

“We were driving to my haircut, and I noticed she was starting to choke from a chicken nugget from McDonald’s. I told my dad to pull over. Then I was starting to pat on her back, and it got out,” Jaxson says.

He would go on to explain that he learned the manoeuvre from an episode of the Nickelodeon prank show “The Substitute”, which featured Cena.

“In the last part, he showed how to save someone when they’re choking.”

Jaxson’s father adds he is grateful that his son was able to act so quickly, “He amazes us every day, you know—some of the things he says and does, and his actions. We’re simply blessed to have the child that he is, the things that he does for his family, his friends, for his little sister. He’s a good big brother.”




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