Robert: 3 year old drives his battery powered Jeep through Tim’s drive-thru

Published on May 6th, 2021 @ 12:00 PM


This toddler is getting an early start on his morning “on the way to work” routine.

Chase Burton of Oakbank, Manitoba loves donuts with sprinkles and when a craving hit, he hopped into his battery powered Jeep and went for a ride.

Accompanied by his parents, Chase made his way up to a Tim Horton’s drive thru speaker and placed his order.

“They loved it, they were pretty impressed,” Chase’s mother says.

She adds Chase got the battery powered Jeep a couple months ago, and has been getting his money’s worth form it.

“He loves his sprinkle doughnuts and now that he knows he can drive through the drive-thru, he’ll probably try it again.”




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