Robert: 2 men break into house, find a tiger

Police in Houston, Texas are investigating after 2 men came across a tiger in an abandoned house.

Officials say two men broke into the house in order to smoke pot, and we’re greeted by the large, predatory cat. The duo called 311 and were transferred to the BARC Animal Shelter, who obtained a warrant from Houston police to search the home.

The tiger was tranquilized and moved. An undisclosed animal sanctuary in Texas has agreed to transport the big cat to a new home.

Crews nicknamed the feline “Tyson” after Mike Tyson’s tiger in the movie The Hangover. Officials say Tyson was well fed and in good shape but badly housed.

In Texas it’s legal to own a tiger as long as the owner has a wild game permit. However, it is illegal to have a tiger in Houston and the owner, if they’re ever found, could face a hefty fine.



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