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Stephen Lethbridge

headshot2 Stephen Lethbridge is the host of The OZFM Rush, weekday mornings from 6-9AM. Join him and Stephanie O’Brien as they help you start your day with all the latest news, weather, and traffic! Stephen joined OZFM in early 2010 after 3 years at CHMR, MUN’s campus/community radio station. Away from the station, Stephen’s biggest passion is hockey (don’t hate him because he’s a Leafs fan!), but he also loves Netflixing, reading, and hanging out with his Black Lab, Murray.

Stephanie O’Brien

Stephanie is co-host of the OZFM Rush and host of the All Request Lunch on OZFM. Born and raised in the Goulds, Stephanie has spent the better part of her adult life as a singer onboard some the most luxurious cruise ships in the world including Disney Cruiselines! While taking a short hiatus from travel Stephanie discovered her passion for radio and television as a member of the OZFM Summer Cruiser Team…. The rest is history! You can find Stephanie in her off time eating Big Macs and Hawkins Cheezies in her Kiss onesie!

Hugh Campbell

headshot Originally from Windsor, ON, Hugh has been molded into an honorary Newfoundlander since moving to St. John’s in 2008. He managed to graduate from MUN with a double-major in Political Science and English while refusing to act like an adult. Considering himself a music fan above all else, Hugh first got bit with the radio bug at CHMR and has been working the microphone at OZFM since December 2012 and, in addition to co-hosting the OZ Rush with Stephen and Stephanie, hosts the All Request Weekend, Saturdays at 11 and Sundays at 4. Don’t try this at home warnings are made for people like him.

Robert Shawn

headshot Robert Shawn, a MUN graduate with a degree in Business Administration, began his radio career in 2006, hosting a two hour show on local campus radio station, CHMR. After almost a year and a half of working behind the scenes at OZFM, Robert finally got to experience life in front of the microphone at the beginning of 2012. Now he hosts Afternoons on OZ, starting at 2PM weekdays. Some words that best describe Robert include (but are not limited to) the following: handsome, awesome and not imaginary.

Danielle Butt

Danielle Butt hosts Jigs & Reels, one of OZFM’s longest running programs, as well as Jiggs Saturday, 6-8am. In addition to her radio, voice-over and remote broadcast duties, Danielle is Creative Coordinator for the NTV Production Dept, host of the the NTV Evening Newshour Monday feature Made Right Here, and host of the NTV/Newfoundland Herald Lucky Number Contest. The Carbonear native has worked for over 20 years in the broadcasting industry. In her off hours, Danielle can be found in her garden tending to her fish-pond with the floating disco ball, or flying with the Snowbirds.

Shannell Lewis

shannell-headshot-sep-2016 Born and raised in Ontario, it has always been a dream of Shannell’s to move to the island. As a child she spent many times travelling to her dad’s hometown in Meadows, NL. Her love for the province and the people grew each year and in 2010 she decided to pack up and move to Stephenville to study Music Industry and Performance. Shannell has always had a huge passion for music; singing in bands, choirs and barbershop quartets, dancing and performing in theatre shows, the list goes on! She’s a cheap date, favoring chicken fingers on any menu and indulging in pizza whenever possible. Following graduation she moved to St. John’s, NL where she could broaden her opportunities in music. No stranger to the mic, Shannell decided try a career in music and began working in radio. She has worked her way onto the OZFM Team doing the Instant Minute during Jigs and Reels on Sundays and jumps at the opportunity to fill in and help out anytime on-air!

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