Stephanie O’Brien

Growing up a kid of the 80’s Stephanie spent endless hours in her bedroom recording herself being a DJ. Taking on the roles of  news weather and the entertainment she had all the bases covered and starred as herself singing songs from the top of the charts.

Fast forward to 2007, Stephanie joined the OZFM cruiser team and well the rest is history.  In 2016-17 Stephanie broke the record of busiest woman alive by having a baby,  planning a wedding and a honeymoon and has been heard around the office saying “ BEST YEAR EVER!”

She loves her Lumberjack and baby Charlie to White Bay and back. Stephanie can’t imagine herself in any other job with anyone else but Stephen (because he is the coolest) and Hugh (because he is the smartest) . She is excited to be back to work and hopes you enjoy listening as much as she loves talking.. and she talks A LOT!



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