The Mommy Makeover Takeover Contest

The OZFM Rush and the Bump Baby and Family Expo present the Mommy Makeover Takeover Contest! Moms work harder than anyone and sometimes, feeling beautiful can fall by the wayside.

The first place finisher will receive an amazing prize pack, which includes:

  • $250 certificate from DISTRICT HAIR
  • $250 certificate from Bense Surgi Spa
  • Health & beauty package sponsored by Blinds Inspired
  • $100 Prepaid visa sponsored by Doreen Moyst, Royal LePage
  • Photography package from Amanda Dinn Photography
  • Hair styled & make-up for photoshoot by DISTRICT HAIR
  • Home decor sign from Green Cellar Design Studio
  • Scentsy bundle from Nicole Penney
  • 8inch rose bud cake from Colorful Creations
  • Spray tan from Color Me Bronze
  • Thirty-One gift pack from Sara Hawkins
  • Charlie’s Steakhouse $50 gift card
  • Jewelry gift set
  • Over $1500 value PLUS more SURPRISES to be announced!

The runners-up will all receive great consolation prizes too! Read the four blind finalist profiles below and vote for your favourite!

Finalist 1
I had my son in December, he is our rainbow baby as I lost a baby the previous pregnancy. I had a very hard delivery with him and we almost lost him too. He was in the nicu for a month which was extremly hard. He was born with a rare genetic syndrome called Beckwith weidmann syndrome. He has to have bloodwork and abdominal scans every 3 months to scan for childhood cancers. It’s very scary and it’s been a stressful few months. I also have a 6 year old daughter who is an absolutely amazing big sister.
She is a wonderful daughter and I really couldn’t ask for anything better. These 2 babies are the light of my life and they come first always. Money is really tight now for my family and that’s also been stressful as we have to prepare for my son to have surgery in Toronto hopefully in the next few months, we are still waiting on our date. I would be so grateful to be chosen for this amazing gift giveaway. I never do anything for myself and I know there comes a time when mommy’s really need to be pampered as well. We all go through so much for our children because they are our world. It would be such a blessing to be able to recharge so I can be the best mom for my babies. Thank you.

Finalist 2
This past year has been the best and worst of our lives. After being plagued with infertility, my wife lost 130 pounds. We then took a big risk and opened a business that she works tirelessly to make work. She became pregnant and it was the best news since adopting our son 6 years ago. at 18 weeks she went in for a routine exam, and our daughters heart had stopped beating (and to be honest a part of our hearts stopped at the same time). She was delivered and then even more problems occurred. Medically my wife became sick, I had to leave her for several days for my grandmother’s funeral.
She hemorrhaged and had to have a d and c (5.5 weeks later as they thought she had another ailment). Since then she knew something was physically wrong with her. And there was, scarring has fused her uterus together and has left her infertile again. Mentally everything has been so hard on us both. But I know she feels it more being its her body. But she continues on. She works hard. She loves our son dearly. Fundraises relentlessly. And we even started the adoption process again. She has surgery coming up (possibly more than one to try and save her uterus). But I know she deserves the world, and winning this contest may bring a much deserved smile to her face.

Finalist 3
My niece, is more than deserving of this mommy make-over. She is the mother of a 17 year old and an 8 year old. For the last six years, her little 8 year old has been battling cancer and her and her mom pretty much live at the Janeway, and if not, she’s back and forth there every day for blood work, more treatments, scans, results, etc…you name it, she has been there through thick and thin. She does so much for her kids, that she don’t think of herself at all, and I can’t imagine a more deserving person. She puts everyone ahead of herself and never worries about herself. She’s a beautiful person on the inside and outside and don’t worry about herself. Her focus is to get her daughter better and make sure her son graduates high school.
I think for once, she deserves to be pampered and someone take care of her for a day and make her feel glamorous and beautiful and just have a stress-free day, which she hasn’t gotten in six year… She is my niece and I would highly recommend her. She don’t know I’m doing this but I just love her to pieces. I don’t know how she keeps fighting this cancer with her daughter but she pushes harder than anyone I know..the two of them are true inspirations….thank you

Finalist 4
My Mom, my rock and so much more!!!! She inspires so many people with a remarkable 200+ pound weight loss all on her own. On top of that she is a primary caregiver for my disabled Dad and she works a full time job!
In 2015 we almost lost her. She was really sick after she had a hernia strangle and then her stomach opened… yes it opened at home… everything came out. After 6 weeks in hospital, a surgery that went crazy well, 70+ staples with a vac dressing and a lot of recovery she has been doing AMAZING!
She lost her hair from all the meds and everything and since it has grown back it’s been a hot mess LOL
She needs this makeover because she never does anything for herself. She doesn’t know how to dress the body she is currently living in while she deals with the excess skin and most of all because she needs someone to show her a little love. Aside from that she is an AMAZING person who constantly finds ways to gives back.. she even had a Kindness Campaign to celebrate her 25th anniversary of finishing radiation!!!! On top of all that I would love the chance to give it back to her and show her just a little bit of the love she has shown me over my 30+ years of life.

Contest voting is now over! Thank you for participating in this year’s Mommy Makeover Takeover Contest! The winner of the vote will be announced at the Bump Baby and Family Expo! Good luck to all the finalists!