Lean On Me

ArtistsCAN has released the Canadian virtual ensemble performance of the treasured Bill Withers classic “Lean On Me,” in support of the Canadian Red Cross and their COVID-19 efforts. Sung by more than two dozen of Canada’s biggest internationalstars, homegrown favourites, and brightest newcomers, the single and video are now available on all digital retail platforms.

Conceptualized by JUNO Award nominated musicians Tyler Shaw and Fefe Dobson, the two gathered other artists, producers and talent to cover the track from their homes, and completed the song in three short weeks with over 25 artists featured. The video not only features contributed homemade footage of each vocalist but also boasts 50+ Canadians helping spread the message of support and unity.

“When I heard of Bill Withers’ passing, I was listening to all his legendary music, and I really dove into the lyrics of ‘Lean On Me,’ a song I’ve heard hundreds of times, but now in this current climate, the lyrics seem more profound than ever. I wanted to cover it; I wanted to help. I called Fefe, we called more people, and more people. And in a really short time we had this incredible song, with a message I think people need to hear right now, all while raising money for something every single one of us is affected by,” said Tyler Shaw.

OZFM’s own Robert Shawn had the chance to chat with Tyler Shaw about the single

All proceeds of the ArtistsCAN single are donated to the Canadian Red Cross to help fight COVID-19 in Canada. Canadians can contribute to the initiative by simply streaming the song, viewing the official music video, or downloading the single. To make a monetary contribution just text LEANONME to 20222 (standard text messaging rates apply) or go to www.redcross.ca/leanonme.

“ArtistsCAN is true artist-to-artist connection. We’ve come together to help how we can. We know there a lot of people who are struggling, who have lost their jobs, who can’t financially contribute. So this is a way to help because by just streaming the song, or watching the video, the proceeds go directly to the Canadian Red Cross to help fight this virus,” said Fefe Dobson.



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