John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John reunite on Red Carpet

Danny & Sandy reunited at the 40th anniversary showing of ‘Grease’ this week.¬†¬†Travolta revealed at the screening that he was responsible for getting Newton-John cast as the Sandy to his Danny.¬†“If you were a young man in the ’70s, and I’m sure many of you were, out there, if you remember that album cover of Olivia with that blue shirt on, with those big blue eyes staring right at you, every boy’s, every man’s dream was, ‘Oh, I’d love for that girl to be my girlfriend,” he recalls. “So when I had the privilege to have input on the casting, I said, ‘There is no other person in the universe other than Olivia Newton-John to play Sandy. You must cast her.'” Newton-John reveals that she was just as smitten with Travolta. ‘They sent John to meet me and who could say no, right?” she muses. “This gorgeous guy walks up my driveway, these bright blue eyes, and he was so sweet and melted me and he talked about it [the movie].”



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