What’s in the OZFM Jam Jar?


You asked for more, so we’re giving you more. What’s in the OZFM Jam Jar is back and it’s your chance to win thousands of dollars! Three times a day, we’ll put some money into the jar. Your job is to listen for the amount every weekday at 8:10, 12:10, and 4:10, keep track of how much is in there and call 576-OZFM. Tell us the correct amount, and you become a finalist with a chance to win it all! On April 30th, Randy and Steph will call one of the finalists. If they know how much money is in the Jam Jar, they win the whole thing.

What’s in the OZFM Jam Jar, from Smith’s Furniture & Appliances, plenty of trendy, traditional furniture in stock AND free delivery on the Avalon, and Newfoundland’s Music Mix, OZFM!

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