Hugh: Working From Home Has People Working While On The Toilet and In The Tub


When the world shut down earlier this year, it meant more people than ever before were working from home. According to a new survey, people also increased their multi-tasking while spending more time at home. The study, which took place in the UK, asked people who were working from home what else they were doing while on the clock. Two daily tasks topped the list, with 32% of people saying that they worked while on the toilet and while texting family or friends. 30% of people admitted to working while browsing social media, a number I expected to be much higher. 29% made meals, 27% paid bills or watched a TV show, and 26% cleaned the house or shopped online while working. Other lower percentages of people reported doing other mundane tasks including looking up directions or chatting with their roommate, but one response that made me raise an eyebrow is the 10% of people who worked while taking a bath.




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