Hugh: Will Ferrell Says ‘Wedding Crashers 2’ is Being Written

As the new Will Ferrell movie, “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” hits Netflix, some connections with the 2005 fan-favourite comedy “Wedding Crashers” are being made. It’s the first time Ferrell has been in a movie with Rachel McAdams since, even though the two never directly worked together in “Wedding Crashers”. The two movies also share a director in David Dobkin. In an interview, Ferrell was asked about a possible sequel and he confirmed that “Wedding Crashers 2” is being written. No further information was given, and when asked about possible plot lines, Ferrell joked that it might just be divorce lawyers in court and there won’t be any jokes. McAdams was asked about the possibility of a reunion with the cast and she says she’d love to. Whether or not the movie actually gets made remains to be seen, but with a script being written, the ball has started rolling.



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