Hugh: What Your Steering Wheel Grip Says About Your Personality


British psychotherapist Lohani Noor recently took a look at the different ways drivers hold their steering wheel and considered how it may relate to their personality. Here’s what she found:

10 and 2 – The Perfectionist – That’s the classic way you probably learned as a teenager. If you still do it now, it means you play by the rules and that you might also be a perfectionist.

One hand on the bottom of the wheel – The Minimalist – The person who drives with one hand near the bottom of the wheel probably likes to keep things simple. No fuss, no frills.

8 and 4 – The Boss – This person has built-in leadership abilities and likes to take charge.

Both hands near the bottom of the wheel with palms upwards – The Supporter – This person is supportive of their family and friends, is an excellent listener, and is a go-to person for advice.

One hand near the top of the wheel – The Cool Dude – You’re cool, relaxed, and confident.

One hand on the arm connecting the centre to the rim – The Adventurer – You’re a risk-taker and live life to the fullest.

Two hands on the middle of the wheel – The Diplomat – You’re thoughtful and avoid arguments. Likely a problem-solver.

9 and 3 tightly – The Nervous One – If you’re holding the wheel tightly on the sides, you’re probably a pretty anxious person. You’re also a good friend and very thorough.

Palm on the centre – The Bulldozer – If your palm is on the centre, you’re ready to blare the horn. You’re busy, bossy, and ambitious.




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