Hugh: Website Calculates the Most-Hated Rock Bands Based on Internet Data


The writers at ran the numbers and, based on their analysis, have found the most hated rock band of all time. Sorry, Nickelback.  BestLife’s data, based on music surveys, reviews, lists, and forums, has named the Canadian rock band the most hated – ever! Nickelback’s most hated index number did them in.  With 100 being “most hated”, the band scored a 99.99. Limp Bizkit isn’t far behind Nickelback.  Coming in as the second most-hated band of all time, Fred Durst and company scored at 96.79. Rounding out’s five most-hated rock bands are Creed, U2 and Mumford & Sons. Now, it is difficult to do the math on something as subjective as music tastes, so there’s no shame if these “hated” bands are some of your favourites.




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