Hugh: Tim Hortons Makes Changes to Roll Up the Rim


Roll Up the Rim is coming back…kind of. Last year’s run of the iconic Tim Horton’s contest was cut short by the pandemic, and this year there won’t be any physical rim rolling. You may remember the company went digital with the rolls last year, and it seems like that will be the norm going ahead. There have been several changes to the contest, starting with the name. The annual contest has been renamed Roll Up To Win, from the original Roll Up The Rim To Win. This year, customers will scan the Tim Horton’s app when making a purchase to earn a “roll” as a chance to win a prize. While the contest may lose some of its charm by going digital, customers should know that there is more winning to be done. Instead of just earning a roll on hot beverage items, new menu items are also eligible, including cold beverages and breakfast sandwiches. Also being retired is the disappointing PLEASE PLAY AGAIN message. Instead, every roll will be a winner, with reward points as a consolation prize if you don’t score an actual prize. This year’s contest will run March 8th to April 4th




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