Hugh: The Ten Most Popular Odd Food Pairings

Published on April 24th, 2021 @ 4:50 PM


Whether it’s something you heard about from a friend, a dish you saw at a restaurant, or an idea you came up with, chances are you enjoy an odd food combination. A recent survey asked people about their specific weird food combos and some truly strange ones came up. Responses included pickles wrapped in cheese, popcorn with beans, and ice cream on meatloaf. Others were pretty common, and in examples like peanut butter with apples or cold pizza dipped in ranch, I wouldn’t consider those odd at all. Either way, here are the ten most popular odd food pairings:

1. French fries and chocolate milkshake 55%
2. Cottage cheese and fruit 50%
3. Fruit preserves with cheese and crackers 47%
4. Chocolate and popcorn 45%
5. Peanut butter and apple 44%
6. Sauerkraut and cheese 43%
7. Cheddar cheese and apple pie 42%
8. French fries and pickles 37%
9. Cold pizza and ranch dressing 36%
10. Sour cream and onion chips and chocolate 36%




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