Hugh: The Drink Orders Most and Least Likely to Impress Your Date


You might be feelin’ a little sexier after a couple of those Long Island iced teas, but that first date your with probably sees you as a hot, sloppy mess of no second dates. A Jack Daniels/OnePoll survey found that 62% of legal-age drinking Americans believe a person’s drink of choice can reveal their true personality.  60% of men surveyed even admitted that their dates bad drink order would be a deal breaker! Wanna impress your date? Do what ladies man James Bond would do and order a martini. 3 out 5 surveyed said the classic cocktail would make a great impression. Ordering a gin and tonic (46%) or a  Manhattan (45%) will also impress. If you really dig this first date, stay away from the Long Island iced teas.  The drink, filled with a hodge-podge of hangover potential, was rated highest for making a bad impression at 22%.  19% also said that Daiquiri’s won’t do you any favours, either.




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