Hugh: Take That, Mom – The Queen Eats Dinner in Front of the TV too

Queen Elizabeth apparently likes to eat dinner the same way we do: On a tray in front of the TV. The Sun quotes Lady Colin Campbell as saying that her majesty likes to dispense of the formalities at mealtime, and likes to watch TV. “She likes it. It’s homely, it’s cozy, and it’s comfortable.” The Queen is apparently very involved in meal selection, and chooses her meals up to three days in advance. Former Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady says, “The Queen has a royal menu book that’s completed by the chef and the chef does three days’ menus and that gives us enough time to get all the produce in and prepare it. When the menu book goes up to the Queen she puts a line through the dishes that she doesn’t want.” Queen Elizabeth also has one ingredient she finds too pungent. “The Queen doesn’t eat garlic and the Queen doesn’t serve garlic because she’s concerned that garlic clings to the being and you can smell it on the breath,” Lady Campbell says.



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