Hugh: Reasons Mosquitoes May Be Biting You More Than Others

For some, summertime means dealing with those annoying mosquito bites. If you’ve ever thought that mosquitoes really like you because you seem to get bitten more than others, you could actually be on to something. According to PR Newswire, research has shown that mosquitoes tend to be attracted to the following:

  • People with higher body temperatures. Body temperature is influenced by activity, age, gender, and even eating spicy food.
  • People who are active during exercise, including yard work and gardening, because they produce more carbon dioxide, sweat containing lactic acid, and higher body temperatures.
  • People with higher concentrations of steroids or cholesterol on their skin’s surface.
  • People with higher levels of stress. Mosquitoes appear to be able to detect and are attracted to hormones released during times of stress.
  • People with higher levels of a specific bacteria. People tend to have higher levels of bacteria near their ankles and feet, which may account for mosquitoes targeting those areas.
  • Pregnant women because they have slightly higher body temperatures and produce more CO2.
  • People wearing dark clothing. Reds, blacks, and blues attract more mosquitoes than lighter colors like white and yellow.
  • Alcohol drinkers because alcohol makes your blood vessels dilate, which increases your skin temperature. Mosquitoes are also attracted to the ethanol content in sweat.



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