Hugh: People Seem to be Buying More Frozen Food Than Ever Before. Are You?

Published on May 27th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


Inflation has people changing their food purchasing habits. Saffron Road manufactures clean-label frozen food products and better-for-you meals, and they’ve seen a big increase in sales over the past few months. Adnan Durrani, Saffron Road CEO, says the frozen food category outgrew fresh by 230 percent this year—a growth rate he’d never seen in his decades-long career. When asked why, Durrani said, “Frozen is nature’s pause button,” and emphasized that frozen products, especially organic and locally sourced food items, “preserve that freshness” over time and allow for longevity with “over a year of shelf life.” Market research firm Mordor Intelligence notes the jump in sales in various frozen food items, noting that COVID-19 “positively impacted the frozen food market.” Durrani also adds, “A lot of folks are really conscious of [food waste] now—looking at their grocery bills, looking at how much they really throw away, looking at what they keep. Frozen has become a go-to in terms of reducing that problem.”




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