Hugh: Passenger With No Flight Experience Safely Lands Plane in Florida When Pilot Becomes Incoherent

Published on May 11th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


With the help of an air traffic control officer, a passenger with no flight experience safely landed a plane after the pilot became incapacitated. It’s a truly incredible story, and one that I’m sure everyone involved will be telling for many years. During a flight aboard a small private plane on Tuesday, the pilot had a “possible medical issue” that left him incoherent and one of the two passengers took ahold of the controls. The unidentified passenger alerted air traffic control of his situation, and Robert Morgan, who is a flight instructor in addition to his work at the tower, talked him through landing the aircraft. Unfamiliar with the specific plane being flown, Morgan used a picture of the model’s cockpit to instruct the passenger on what to do. Morgan told him to find the coastline and steady the plane, then guided him to an airport runway where he successfully landed the plane.




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