Hugh: McDonald’s Canada Teases “THE THING U HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR” Coming August 31st

Published on August 27th, 2021 @ 6:20 PM


Let’s take a minute and not get too worked up yet, but a fan favourite menu item is coming to McDonald’s Canada in a few days. That’s literally all we know, as the company’s Twitter account made a post Friday afternoon saying, “THE THING U HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR ARRIVES 8.31.2021.” If you’re anything like me, your mind goes to one thing and one thing only – the McPizza. The 90’s favourite has been clamored for by fans for years, so it makes sense that McPizza started trending almost immediately. Multiple accounts Tweeted back at the franchise asking if it was that menu item in particular, and McDonald’s Canada remained unsurprisingly vague, Tweeting back at one user, “i can’t confirm or deny,” and replying to the Walmart Canada Gaming account, “there are mcds in wal-mart, we trust u won’t take a peek.” The last time I recall McD’s Canada teasing an in-demand item making a comeback, it was the disappointing (if you ask me) Smartie McFlurry. Of course, there have been several limited-time menu offerings over the decades, so the possibilities are almost endless. We’ll just have to wait and see.




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