Hugh: Man Avoids Fiancé’s Family Gathering by Sending his Identical Twin Brother Instead

Published on April 12th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


If you have an identical twin, I feel like you’ve got to do a secret swap at some point. One man is getting a lot of attention online for avoiding his in-laws in a pretty sneaky way. The unnamed man’s fiancé was having a family gathering after being kept apart by the pandemic, but he didn’t want to go. He eventually agreed to go, saying that he’d drive separately, but sent his identical twin brother to fill in for him at the party. At some point during the family gathering, the fiancé realized what was going on, but didn’t say anything until it was over. When she returned home, she found her man on the couch playing video games, acting like he just beat her home. According to the woman’s post on Reddit, she asked him if he had fun at the party, to which he said yes. She then asked him the name of the cousin he just met. Knowing he was caught, he started laughing. If you ask me, I think it’s pretty funny too. She did not. She says she kicked him out of the house, her family now hates him, and people online are telling her to dump him. What do you think, harmless prank or reason to break it off?




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