Hugh: Latest ‘Mean Tweets’ Features Billie Eilish, Green Day, Lizzo

On Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host unveiled his latest installment of Mean Tweets: Music Edition #6. During the segment, Lizzo read the tweet, “Lizzo. Bus passes and happy meals. Two things that I imagine Lizzo has seen a lot of.” She responded, “Yeah, I’m a big b**ch and I ride the bus! A tour bus, motherf**ker. Where’s yours?” Luke Combs later gave credit to a Twitter user’s harsh words after he read aloud, “Luke Combs makes music for people who taste the gas before they fill up their truck.” Cardi B also recited, “I just watched a muted performance of Cardi B, and that b**ch just looks loud.” Her reaction? “How do I look loud? I’m loud? I don’t even think I look loud… S**k my a**!”



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