Hugh: Jerry Seinfeld Doesn’t Think ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion Would Be Good

Published on October 6th, 2021 @ 6:20 PM


It doesn’t take much to get rumours going online, and it seems that ‘Seinfeld’ getting added to Netflix was all it took for talk of a reunion to swirl. Fans of the classic sitcom shouldn’t hold their breath, though, as the series’ star and creator has dismissed the idea. In a recent interview, Jerry Seinfeld said “there’s absolutely nothing going on” regarding a reunion and that the nine seasons speak for themselves. He explains that he gets the appeal of nostalgia, “but I like to go forward in life.” The show famously ended on Seinfeld’s own terms, and when it comes to getting the band back together, he says “I don’t know what we would do that would be good.”




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