Hugh: If You Drank Red Bull in the Last 12 Years, They Owe You $10 for Not Giving You Wings

We live in strange times. Red Bull recently agreed to a settlement in a class-action lawsuit in Canada for false advertising. The lawsuit is a virtual copy of an American one from five years ago where the company paid out $13 million US and ensured consumers $10 each for the “misleading” information that drinking the beverage gave you wings. Under the Canadian suit, Red Bull allegedly violated Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act by “failing to inform consumers of the inherent dangers concerning the ingestion of its caffeinated energy drinks.” The suit also argues that the drink incorrectly states that it increases concentration and alertness.

So, if you bought or consumed Red Bull between January 1st, 2007 and July 23rd, 2019, you could be entitled to up to ten dollars in compensation. You can apply here.



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