Hugh: Homeowner Finds Hidden Cellar Under Rotten Floorboards

Published on January 18th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


After moving into his new pre-1900s home in the UK, a 39-year-old dad discovered a hidden room after renovating the property. The eerie room had a secret stairwell, which led to the old cellar made of brick and stone. Upon discovering the hidden cellar, Ben Mann said, “it was in terrible condition; there was a foot of water and rubble. It was rotting the floorboards and joists so I had to replace all of them. I saw it as an exciting bonus despite the fact it needed a lot of work.”

Mann then got to work spending £4,500 (over $7,600 CAD) renovating the room, making it into a home cinema complete with a bar and playroom for their one-year-old daughter.




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