Hugh: Avoiding Social Media for Just One Week Significantly Boosts Mood, Lowers Anxiety

Published on May 13th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


A lot of modern life is conducted online, but a break from those screens might just be what the doctor ordered. A recent study from the University of Bath in the UK revealed that avoiding social media for only one week can have significant positive effects. If you ask me, it’s pretty wild that we can all agree that a social media detox is good for us, but there’s a very high chance we just won’t do it. You don’t even have to deactivate your accounts to see the benefits, as the study’s lead researcher says, “even just a small break can make an impact.” The study showed dramatic improvements on mood regardless of age, along with significant drops in anxiety and depression. One finding from the study did surprise me, as the average participant spent an average of eight hours on social media a week prior to the experiment. I honestly expected that number to be higher.




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