Hugh: Applications are Open for a $52K Full-Time Cookie Eating Job


One lucky person is going to have a dream job where they get paid to eat cookies. A Scottish bakery called Border Biscuits is hiring a “master biscuitier” at a salary of $52,000 a year. It’s a job that entails “launching products from the kitchen table to production, enticing new flavors worthy of a place in biscuit tins across the nation, as well as help lead the team in continuing to drive innovation, quality, and sustainability throughout the business,” the company said in a statement. In addition to a pretty decent salary for a job that is pretty much taste-testing, it comes with 35 vacation days, free on-site parking, and access to free online workout classes. Candidates are expected to have “finely tuned taste buds,” experience in food product development, and knowledge of baking. I know you were curious, so yes, the job is open to international applicants.




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