Hugh: A Reality Show Based on “Squid Game” is Coming, Where Real People Will Compete for Cash – But Much Safer

Published on June 15th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


The out-of-nowhere worldwide hit show “Squid Game” was popular enough for not only a second season (as recently confirmed by Netflix), but also a new reality show based on the series. The South Korean-produced drama had characters who were down on their luck compete in children’s games for big prize money. The catch is that their lives were on the line through the whole competition. In the upcoming reality show, 456 players will be competing for a life-changing $4.56 million dollars, but of course without the life-or-death consequences. The game show is recruiting contestants online and will be filmed in Britain. No release date for the upcoming reality show has been released, but Netflix has confirmed that the “worst fate is going home empty-handed.”




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