Hugh: 53% of People Don’t Know All Four Grandparents’ First Names

Published on April 6th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


In an age where people are doing things like taking DNA tests to learn about their family’s history, it seems we should probably be asking more questions of those just a couple generations older than us. A recent survey revealed that only 47% of adults could correctly give all four grandparents’ first names. An interesting detail is that how much we know about our grandparents seems to vary greatly based on where we grew up, as respondents from different cities had wide differences in how much they knew about their family history. Go back even further and the details become much sketchier, as just 4% of respondents could name all great-grandparents. Despite many people not knowing much about their direct ancestors, the interest in certainly there, with 66% of people saying they want to know more about their family history.




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