Hugh: 5-Year Old Defends Title of ‘Ultimate Josh’ After Second Annual Pool Noodle Battle

Published on May 24th, 2022 @ 6:20 PM


It started out as an internet joke, but now a real event to determine who is the ultimate Josh just had their second-ever pool noodle battle over the weekend. Hundreds of people, presumably all named Josh, gathered at a park in Lincoln, Nebraska and swung pool noodles at each other for a good cause. It all started when a young man named Josh Swain connected with several other people with that same name via Facebook and invited them all to a fight to name the “ultimate Josh.” Two years later, the viral meme has resulted in some real good, as this year’s second annual Josh battle raised nearly $21,000 for a children’s hospital in Nebraska. People named Josh came from all over for the event, but for the second year in a row, the title of ‘ultimate Josh’ went to five-year old Josh Vinson Jr.




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