Growing up a kid of the 80’s, Stephanie spent endless hours in her bedroom recording herself being a DJ. Taking on the roles of news, weather, and entertainment, she had all the bases covered and starred as herself singing songs from the top of the charts. Fast forward to 2007, Stephanie joined the OZFM cruiser team and the rest is history.

Stephanie is so excited to be a part of the NEW OZFM in the mornings with the man, the myth, the legend - Randy Snow! What more could a girl ask for?  JAM ON IT? Sure why not?  You can hear Randy and Stephanie weekday mornings from 6-10 on the MORNING JAM!

If I was stuck on a deserted island, I would need this…

Movie: Titanic

Book: Facebook ( will I have internet ;)? )

Album: Bare Naked Ladies ‘ Stunt’

Food: Big Mary’s and Taters

Person: Do I have to say my husband? Yeah I should .. ugh Drew hahahahaha !!!



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