Born and raised in Carbonear until he was 18, Mitch has lived across the province with stops in Gander and Stephenville however most of his time has been spent in St. John's. He now calls Torbay home with his beautiful girlfriend, saucy 7-year-old, and a 70 lb German Shepherd named Philly.

Growing up, Mitch stayed up way too late watching late night talk shows and listening to the radio. After highschool, he went to school for Journalism and that program had its own RADIO STATION! Mitch was hooked! With almost 9 years of radio under his belt he stepped away from the microphone for a few years then suddenly found himself in the magical land of OZ!

If I was stuck on a deserted island, I would need this...

Movie: Jaws (It's not just about a shark, it's also about relationships. Welcome to my TedTalk)
Album: Kanye West Late Registration (Kenny and Dolly's Christmas album in a close second)
Book: So many! I love Jack Fitzgerald's nonfiction books on Newfoundland.
Food: Big Mac
Person: My girlfriend, Emily. We're the perfect audience for each other lol



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