Half of Halifax family’s belongings make trip to new home, other half ends up dumped by moving company

The need for moving industry regulations in Canada is in the news following a family’s nightmare experience. A Halifax moving company is under fire after only delivering a portion of the Casten family’s belongings to their new Toronto home–and dumping the rest. Jens Casten wants to warn the public after he says his family lost thousands of dollars worth of possessions, including some with major sentimental value, during a move with Big Boys Movers/Halifax Movers. When the company arrived–late–at the family home in Toronto, the movers demanded payment before being willing to take anything off the truck. And then some items were severely damaged or missing. The family then received a bill from a real estate company for cleaning up items that were dumped at a nearby office park. The president of the Canadian Association of Movers says since the industry was de-regulated in the ’80s, “There are no industry standards.”




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