Fair or Foul: Kit Harington claims all actors have egos and are seeking fame

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington is not the type of actor who insists he has no interest in being a celebrity. “Most actors, whatever they tell you, are seeking fame. Seeking notoriety,” he tells GQ. “Because that’s the goal, isn’t it? That you’re on the red carpet. That you’re at the award ceremonies. That you’re in something where people stop you in the street.” The 32-year-old actor goes on to say that he wonders what his life will be like once his hit show ends. “Look, I’m an actor, I’ve got an ego. To want to get up on stage and have people look at you, you’ve got an ego,” he admits. “So there’s a part of me that likes it, walking in somewhere and being recognised, and I’d be lying if I said otherwise… Will people still know who I am? How will that feel?”



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