Elon Musk Says He’s Close to Linking People’s Brains to Computers

On Tuesday night, Elon Musk’s data transmission company, Neuralink, unveiled plans to connect human brains to computers as early as next year. The company tells The New York Times it’s developing a “sewing machine-like” robot that can implant ultra thin threads deep into the brain. Initially, the process would require surgeons to drill holes through people’s skulls, which Neuralink president and co-founder Max Hodak acknowledged would be “unpleasant.” But eventually, he says a far more tolerable “laser drill” would be used. “We will painlessly laser-drill the holes into the skull, place the threads, plug the hole with the sensor, and then you go home,” Hodak explained. “It’ll basically be an experience like getting Lasik.” While, on the one hand, this sounds similar to any number of kooky, space-aged ideas Musk has been involved with over the years, if successful, it could allow paralyzed people to operate computers with their minds.




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