Do you have an regular “treat” you allow yourself?

If you’re like Mae Rice and spend every day of your life sipping coffee from Starbucks, that’s okay. In a new essay for Vox, the MFA student justifies her daily spending habit at the coffee chain, which she describes as “a tiny dose of luxury”–despite the fact that it’s likely drained about $20,000 from her bank account over the last 12 years. Americans, she argues, are obsessed with creating habits and routines and sticking with them, and her coffee fix is one example. Yes, buying a $5 latte everyday might set her back financially, but it’s also a tool that helps wake her up, keeps her alert and makes it easier to follow a regular schedule. It’s the glue, she writes, that holds her life together “as I move from place to place, from school to job, from job to graduate school.”




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