Say hello to Sara Kroll and Mackenzie Janes, your 2017 OZFM Summer Cruiser Team! The brand new OZFM Winners Circle is available now, so make sure you have yours on your vehicle because there are more ways to win than ever this summer! Sara and Mackenzie will be travelling all over the province, dishing out the cash and prizes to people that are proudly showing their Winners Circles on their vehicles!

Also, we’re introducing another way to win! We know Newfoundland is a big place and the team can’t be in a dozen places at once, so you can get in on the winning wherever you are by taking a selfie with your Winners Circle after you put it on your vehicle and enter using the form at the bottom of this page! We’ll feature your Winners Circle selfies all summer long and some that enter will be selected to win awesome prizes!

Pick up your 2017 OZFM Winners Circle today and keep a look out for Sara and Mackenzie, your 2017 OZFM Summer Cruiser Team! You never know where they might turn up!

Thanks to this year's amazing sponsors!

Sara and Mackenzie around the province!

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Take a selfie with the 2017 OZFM Winners Circle on the back of your vehicle to give yourself more chances to win this summer!