Chief Medical Officer announces 3 new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, alongside Premier Dwight Ball and Health Minister John Haggie, has announced 3 new presumptive cases of COVID-19 in the Eastern Health region.

There are now 9 total cases of cornavisrus in the province.

Of these three new cases, 2 are related to travel, the other is under investigation. Contact tracing is currently underway by medical professionals.

Following the announcement, Dr. Fitzgerald stressed that this news does not mean that current measures, such as social distancing, are not working, and urged individuals to refrain from visiting seniors during this time.

Premier Ball would continue by insisting the public cancel any planned gatherings and to stay home for your own safety.

Minister John Haggie would add that the measures that have put in place by government officials are no longer recommendations, but orders by law.



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