Check Out This List of Bizarre Kid Confessions

BuzzFeed recently asked its readers to share the weirdest thing they ever did as a kid. Here are 10 of the most bizarre confessions (check out the full list here):

  1. “My sister and I used to pretend that the round tortilla chips were the eucharist. My sister would give me a chip and say, ‘The body of Christ,’ and I’d have to accept it, then make the sign of the cross as I ate it.”
  2. “I would walk my ‘pet mouse.’ I had a computer mouse that I would drag around by the cable. This lasted for more years than I care to admit.”
  3. “I couldn’t have an actual pet as a kid, so I filled a plastic bag with water and pretended it was my pet. I made it a little nest in my desk drawer, and would hold it and ‘pet’ it.”
  4. “I used to chew on the feet of my Barbie dolls. The rubber had a satisfying texture and eventually all the barbies had mangled stumps at the ends of their legs.”
  5. “I had a bizarre obsession with the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Every time we had a Pillsbury product, I made my mom cut out the Dough Boy on the packaging.”
  6. “I’d collect dead bumblebees that I’d find and treat them like pets until their heads fell off.”
  7. “I named my stuffed animals after the noises I heard my parents make during sex.”
  8. “If I met anyone, and I mean ANYONE, I would immediately ask them, ‘Do you like salad?'”
  9. “Janet Jackson was not only my invisible friend, but I’d force my parents to ensure she had a seat at our table for every meal. Even when we went to a restaurant, there had to be a chair for Janet.”
  10. “My mom used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful and I guess I picked it up because I used act out my own soap opera with crayons. The biggest scandal was when Pink cheated on Blue with Green.”



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