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Macaulay Culkin once made his family disappear (kinda), so maybe he has what it takes to be a wizard. The 38-year-old former child actor, tweeted to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling on Wednesday and asked her for a job. “Can you write me into the next movie? I’m Macaulay Culkin (From Home Alone: The Movie) […]

The UK’s postal service is asking residents to stop mailing empty Walkers potato chips bags back to the manufacturer as an environmental protest. Royal Mail officials say that the campaign is causing delays for workers at postal facilities because the empty chip bags have to be sorted by hand. “We strongly encourage customers not to […]

L.A. woman Scout Raskin owns a pair of Nigerian dwarf goats named Spanky and Pippin. And she puts them to work, renting the pair out for $99 an hour to attend hot Hollywood parties, where they’re often placed on the backs of party animals (the human kind) who are down on the ground on all […]

Dunkin’ Donuts is done with donuts–in its name, anyway. On Tuesday, the Massachusetts-based chain announced that it will be dropping the “Donuts” from its name beginning in January, when it will be known as simply Dunkin’. While Dunkin’, which boasts more than 12,500 restaurants around the world, will continue selling doughnuts, the AP reports that […]

President Donald Trump drew laughter during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday. “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” he declared. As some people began laughing, he added, “So true. I didn’t expect that reaction, […]

To celebrate this year’s 30th annual Fright Fest on October 13 and 14, Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka, Missouri, is offering $300, season tickets and other perks to anyone who can spend 30 hours in a coffin, emerging only for a brief hourly bathroom break. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that there will be […]

Shortly after I finished up at university, I submitted my resume to a number of companies that I thought would be great places to work. One of them actually got back to me, however they weren’t offering me job, their HR person was contacting me to let me know that my resume was littered with […]

Despite spending a whole bunch of money on gym memberships, why do people still make up lame excuses to avoid exercising? According to a new University of British Columbia study, it’s all about people’s brains. As lead researcher Matthieu Boisgontier tells The Washington Post, your brain wants you to be sedentary in order to conserve […]

Party City is now selling a “Ghosted” Halloween costume for women. The $24.99 hooded white dress features a string of blue iMessage texts across the front. The unanswered texts read in sequence, “See you tonight,” “???,” “R U OK!?,” “Hello!,” and “Guess not!” It appears the costume hit too close to home for some people […]

A woman who was once a member of Beyonce’s touring band is accusing the singer of practicing “extreme witchcraft.” The claim goes on to say Queen B used spells to keep track of her and control her financials, and is now looking for a restraining order against Beyonce. According to court documents, Kimberly Thompson says […]



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