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Reddit user shelblikadoo revealed this week that her boyfriend stole her toilet after she broke up with him. The woman shared a now-viral photo of a gaping hole in the floor where a toilet once was. She says that that while she and her boyfriend were still together, he repaired her broken toilet and often […]

Bright-red urinals have been installed across Paris in an attempt to get people to stop peeing in the streets. Reuters reports that the “Uritrottoir”–a combination of the French words for urinal and pavement–was created to be an “eco solution to public peeing.” It’s essentially a box with an opening in the front and a floral […]

During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers earlier this week, Seth Rogen revealed that he used to have the same personal trainer as Kanye West and that he would often have strange interactions with the rapper at the gym. “Several times, he would show up early. And he’s a big fan of our […]

  British firefighters managed to capture a video of a “firenado”. The Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Ashby Station posted a video to their Facebook showing the firenado as they were taking care of a blaze near Swadlincote. “Whist we were firefighting at Occupation Lane we witnessed a firenado or a fire whirl it’s created […]

Some doctors are concerned that people, particularly young adults, are getting more plastic surgery as Snapchat filters and other face-altering apps become the norm to use on social media. Dr. Neelam Vashi, director of the Boston University Cosmetic and Laser Center, tells BuzzFeed that the filters can lead to unrealistic beauty expectations. “I can easily […]

Pret A Manger, the U.K.’s largest sandwich chain, has decided to make its gingerbread men gender neutral. Big Hospitality reports that the company will soon introduce a female gingerbread cookie named Annie. It already has a male cookie named Godfrey. However, the two will be touted as “gingerbread biscuits” instead of men and women. The […]

Hey there, emo-pop-punk fans! “Hey There Delilah,” the #1 hit single from the Plain White T’s, is being adapted into a TV series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the band is helping develop the “scripted romantic dramedy…about a long-distance relationship.” The project has also been described as “a contemporary fairy tale that expands the story […]

A Guinness World Record attempt involving more than 600 000 dominoes was foiled by one of nature’s most prolific pests. Patrick Sinner and a team of 20 were setting up dominoes for two weeks when a fly landed on their immense, potentially record breaking set up, causing a chain reaction. The team was using mini-dominoes, […]

Two elderly men snuck out of their nursing home in Germany this past Friday to attend one of the largest heavy metal festivals in the world. According to the German news publication Deutsche Well, police found the men at 3 a.m. around 25 miles away from their nursing home at Wacken Open Air festival after […]

There are very few words that can excite a student quite like the combination of “snow” and “day”. Waking up on what’s suppose to be a school day only to find out that a winter storm has given you the opportunity to stay home, is on par with Christmas and Birthdays in terms of pure […]



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