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A U.S. tourist in Switzerland had a death defying experience on a hang glider, and is lucky enough to be able to tell the tale. Chris Gursky and his wife, Gail, were on vacation in Switzerland when they decided to try hang gliding for the first time. However, the decision could have been fatal after […]

Hassan al-Kontar moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2006 to avoid mandatory military service in his native Syria. In 2011, the Syrian government refused to renew his passport, so he quickly flew to Malaysia, where he received a three-month tourist visa. But when he tried to board a flight to Ecuador shortly thereafter, The […]

A Louisiana couple cleaning up their home for Thanksgiving last week stumbled across a lucky find: a months-old lottery ticket worth $1.8 million. According to Louisiana Lottery officials, Harold and Tina Ehrenberg of Mandeville discovered the winner–which was only two weeks from expiring–in a small pile of unchecked lottery tickets. “We kept checking the numbers […]

With the start of December just around the corner, Elite Daily has compiled a list of 12 Christmas traditions you should consider starting when you move out of your parents’ house. Here they are: Host an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Lots of laughs and Instagram-worthy moments will surely be had. Spend a day holiday shopping with […]

Even though pro-baseball player Jose Bautista no longer wears the blue bird on his uniform, he’s still very much loved in Canada. Entomologist Bob Anderson of the Canadian Museum of Nature has dubbed a newly discovered species of beetle Sicoderus bautistai, with the latter portion of the name being taken by the former Toronto Blue […]

A New Jersey schoolteacher is trying to start a new fashion trend–by wearing the same outfit for 100 days. USA Today reports art teacher Julia Mooney is trying to bring attention to the idea of sustainable fashion. Specifically, Mooney is trying to raise awareness of how the trend of so-called fast fashion in America has […]

Well, that was fast–literally! A German teenager earned his driver’s license this week, only to lose it less than an hour later for speeding. CNN reports that the 18-year-old apparently celebrated getting his license by driving around with four of his friends 49 minutes later at almost twice the speed limit. His license was quickly […]

Some Phoenix drivers had a doggone rough commute on Tuesday. The Associated Press reports that a wandering German shepherd snarled traffic on two different Phoenix freeways during the morning commute. Dispatchers first got word of the loose dog overnight, but the pup continued to evade troopers for more than an hour. The dog ran in […]

Ryan Fry won a gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics as a member of Canada’s national curling team. But this past weekend, Fry and his three three teammates on Team Koe got banned for life from the Red Deer Curling Classic for playing while “extremely drunk.” Apparently, Fry and teammates Jamie Koe, Chris Schille […]

A source close to the Cleveland Browns tells ESPN the team wants to interview Condoleezza Rice for the team’s head coaching job. Rice–who is a lifelong Browns fan who is well known for her football knowledge and passion–responded to the rumors on Facebook Sunday, saying, “I love my Browns–and I know they will hire an […]



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