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Does your dog watch TV? Canine behaviorist Carolyn Menteith says dogs may not understand the plot, but they do see movement and sound. Dogs can only see two primary colors…blue and yellow, so their viewing experience is different than ours. However, they can recognize other pups on-screen. “There is research to show that dogs recognise […]

Manufacturers around the world are skimping on products and hoping you don’t notice. Shrinkflation is the practice of shrinking package sizes without reducing price. Brands from Kleenex to Folgers to Cottonelle have reduced the amount of product in their standard packaging without dropping the price. If you notice smaller cereal boxes or chips bags, it may […]

Scientists studied the impact of diet on memory and sleep quality in 62 adults, and the results may surprise you! Researchers from Birbeck University found that a pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan diet can actually boost memory. Eating a largely vegan diet can also cut the risk of heart disease by up to 52%. However, diet was […]

Apple on Monday (June 6th) previewed some of the changes that will be in the new iOS 16, and one will be changes to iMessage that allows people to edit or undo texts they’ve sent. A third change will let you mark a thread as unread, so if you read it and want to come back to it […]

Mariah Carey is being sued for $20 million by a country artist that claims she stole the title of her 1994 holiday favorite, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” from another song written in 1989. CNN reports that Andy Stone of Vince Vance & The Valiants filed a complaint in New Orleans Friday (June 3rd) alledging copyright infringement and misappropriation. Although the […]

A new study demonstrates that the average consumer spends more than they realize on monthly subscriptions. C+R Research found that shoppers spent an average of $133 more than they realized. 74% said they struggled to remember recurring payments. Mobile phone subscriptions were the most forgotten category, followed by internet subscriptions.

Do you believe in love at first sight? A new study from Israel have investigated the way skin sweat and movements change during speed dating, with interesting results. The Hebrew University Study of Jerusalem found that couples who were interested in one another romantically appeared to be “biologically in sync” within two minutes. Interested couples […]

Columbia University has released the first published study evidencing “natural re-pigmentation.” Put away the hair dye: This means hair can regain its color. Researchers identified 323 proteins that indicate hair color. Then, they selected gray and colored hairs from 14 participants who ranked the stress in their life. While we already know stress can cause […]

Sometimes two bad things happen at the same time. Guests at Canada’s Wonderland found themselves stuck on rides during a destructive Ontario storm on Saturday (May 21st). A video posted by TikTok user @chubbychicken84 shows madness unfolding, as riders who had waited in line a very long time for a rollercoaster were strapped into the […]

This is pretty bad. A company called Welsh Italian Pizza had people talking after they had a tent up at the BIG ICC Wales Wedding Fair in England on April 10th. They had a nice setup for serving pizza, but their website was also written across the top of their tent, and people saw […]



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