A town in Newfoundland reeks of nearly 20-year-old fish sauce whenever the wind blows from the northeast, where the former factory of the Atlantic Seafood Sauce Company once was. Eater reports that, after only 11 years in business, the factory closed down in 2001. However, the 100 vats left there still retain their fermented […]

A homeless high school valedictorian–who at one point lived in a tent–raked in more than $3 million worth of scholarships for his academic accomplishments. CNN reports that Tupac Mosley maintained a 4.3 GPA and scored a 31 on his ACT, despite the recent passing of his father and not having a permanent home. The Raleigh […]

Very Smart Brothas editor Panama Jackson recently flew coach to Atlanta for his niece’s high school graduation. When it came time to get off the plane, he became extremely annoyed with the following six types of people: The person in the last row who somehow decides that as soon as the plane stops they should […]

Forget about a plate or using your hands, the easiest, least messy way to eat a burrito is by stuffing it in a mug. Lifehacker argued that it allows the burrito eater to take breaks between bites and do other things with their hands aside from just holding the burrito. It also prevents the age-old […]

Hate the idea of leaving your dog at home while you go to the movies? Now you don’t have to! K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas, are giving moviegoers the opportunity to have a date night with their doggo. The dog-friendly movie theater offers $15 tickets for you, up to two of your pooches, AND the promise of bottomless […]

“Water” the odds that Game of Thrones’ final season would contain not one, but two modern-day drinking vessels? After a “latte” Game of Thrones fans freaked out about a Starbucks cup popping up on the show earlier this month, plastic water bottles have now been discovered in Sunday’s finale. The Verge notes that, in a very pivotal scene featuring nearly […]

  It might be more cost-effective, transparent and fun to make your own sunscreen using recipes you found on the internet. According to a new study published on Monday in Health Communication, the ingredients in “homemade” and “natural” sunscreen recipes posted to Pinterest don’t provide broad, full-spectrum SPF coverage. While some of them contained contents […]

A crew of therapy dogs have helped students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School make it through their difficult year and now the pups are getting their due. BuzzFeed reports the Parkland, Florida, high school’s yearbook has dedicated an entire page to “class photos” of the doggos. The 14 furry friends are posed just like […]

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat has passed away at the age of seven. The feline curmudgeon, real name Tadar Sauce, died in the arms of her owner on Tuesday, according to a statement posted on Twitter. Some days are grumpier than others… — Grumpy Cat (@RealGrumpyCat) May 17, 2019 “Despite care from top professionals, as […]

Mental Floss has compiled a list of limited edition LEGO releases that may be gathering dust in your toy closet–but are actually worth a lot of money. Here they are: Millennium Falcon. The Ultimate Collectors Series edition of the Star Wars ship includes 7541 pieces and hit the market for $800 in 2017. It now […]



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