A farmer in England has had enough with motorists speeding down a road in her town, so she decided to do something about it. Edie Pope, 71, set up what she calls a “scare-cop” on the side of her road in hopes that speeding drivers will slow down. The mannequin is dressed head to toe […]

By now you’ve probably noticed old aged pictures of your friends and favourite celebrities flooding your social media feeds. You may have also jumped on that bandwagon by downloading FaceApp to see what you may look like in your twilight years.  But while may seem like a harmless bit of fun, you may be unwillingly putting […]

A Belgian man has set a new Guinness World Record after he spent 116 consecutive hours sitting on a toilet. Jimmy De Frenne says Guinness does not yet have a record for longest time sitting on a toilet, and he felt that he was the man to establish it. De Frenne sat on a toilet, […]

A massive blackout affecting the west side of Manhattan, New York ruined the plans for theatre goers this past Saturday night. But as the old saying goes, “the show must go on..” As a sea of people exited the a blackened Schoenfeld Theatre, the cast of the NYC production of Come From Away were concocting a […]

Dairy products are starting to be challenged by companies that created whey, casein and other dairy proteins in laboratories. According to, the demand for whey products is on the rise due to increased protein intake by consumers and because they are generally without flavor and work well in various formulations. However, whey still comes […]

A Australian man named Mark Zurbo, and has begun a self-imposed writing challenge to write 365 children’s books in as many days. The New York Times reports that 52-year-old Zurbo is a published author of four novels already, but has not yet been contacted by publishers about his children’s stories. Instead, he posts them online for […]

A bunch of 24 red grapes have set a new record as they were purchased for $11 000 USD at auction. A Japanese businessman was the highest bidder on the most expensive grapes on record, dropping 1.2 million yen on them. He says he chose that amount since it has been 12 years since these […]

Before we get started, don’t worry. Hawkins Cheezies will NOT become a scarce commodity anytime soon. Production of the beloved cheesy snack has halted following a fire at their Belleville, Ontario production facility earlier this week, but the company says they have plenty of bags stored away that’ll cover demand until production can resume. Fire […]

Kensli Davis is a huge fan of the Disney movie Moana. So when it came time for the Georgia woman to celebrate her 25th birthday, her mom ordered a Moana ice-cream cake from a Dairy Queen in Milledgeville. But the DQ misheard “Moana” as “marijuana” and made a marijuana-themed cake on accident–complete with a stoned, green […]

An elementary school in Britain is claiming it broke a Guinness World Record after 350 people performed the “Baby Shark” song and dance at a school fair. The Holy Trinity School saysa Guinness representative was on hand to observe the attempt, and they are now awaiting confirmation from the organization that the record was indeed […]



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