A Georgia man received quite the surprise at a local jeweler as he was trying to work out a payment plan for an engagement ring. The NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal overheard the conversation and surprised the total stranger and bought the ring! The Big Diesel explained how it all went down on “NBA on TNT” […]

Remember last year when people were throwin’ elbows inside grocery stores to claim rolls of toilet paper?  Well, revisit that same scene, only this time imagine two people risking jail time for ketchup packets. Much like the TP, yeast and flour shortages that have come and gone during the pandemic, the high demand for take-out […]

A 6-year-old Montana boy got a prize inside his bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. The boy’s father, Bow Horn Weasel, said the child found a bullet at the bottom of the snack bag. It had the patented red Cheetos dust coating. Bow said he reached out to Frito-Lay, and the company is sending out a testing […]

  An Oklahoma Goodwill thrift store employee was sorting through donations when she felt an odd lump wrapped up in two sweaters. New employee Andrea Lessing assumed the lump was just a few books, until she unwrapped the sweaters and found $42,000. Lessing told CNN: “My first thought was that it was fake. We’ve seen […]

An alleged mafia member who had successfully evaded authorities for seven years was caught after putting up cooking videos on YouTube. Marc Feren Claude Biart was living in the Dominican Republic after being on the run from Italian authorities. An arrest warrant was issued for Biart in 2014 for trafficking cocaine as a part of […]

Fayetteville, Georgia resident Andreas Flaten woke up to a guy at his door early on March 12th, who simply said “Hey, your money is at the end of the driveway, bud.” That’s when Flaten found 500 pounds worth of pennies, all 91,515 of ’em, at the end of his driveway.  Flaten said the pennies came […]

Every spring, something new Peeps up, and Pepsi is getting in on it. That’s right, Peeps-flavored Pepsi. Peeps supplies were limited last year due to the pandemic, but the pillowy, sugary chicks are back again, and Pepsi is incorporating the well-known flavor into a new soda drink. Todd Kaplan, VP of marketing for Pepsi, said he hopes […]

A Virginia school is returning a lost wallet after nearly 70 years.  A contractor working on the renovation project at Poquoson Middle School was going through the rubble of the building’s demolished gym when he found a wallet in some duct work. The wallet’s contents included 85 cents, some Santa Claus stamps from 1951, a 1951 calendar and […]

A new tattoo shop in New York City might start a trend. They can give you a tattoo that will go away in roughly a year. Ephemeral Tattoo has what they call “made-to-fade” ink that will disappear in 9 to 15 months. The studio’s co-founder Josh Sakahi told The New York Post, “While there is a time […]

Just because you love something doesn’t mean you should make your neighbors stare at it. A man living in Kansas who painted a giant mural of the Kansas City Chiefs on the side of his home says the city has ordered him to remove it. Chris Chancey says he spent about 60 hours painting the […]



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