Lincoln University student Imani Lamarr missed class due to not being able to find a babysitter for her baby. The professor, Dr. Aqeel Dix, told the 21-year-old to bring her baby to class, saying, “I’m not going to have one of my students miss my class because they have no one to watch their child.” Dix […]

Not all pranks are well-received. Police in Galveston, Texas, got a call on Monday (September 13th) about a masked man on a local beach who was holding what appeared to be a bloody knife. This led to the arrest of Mark Metzger, a local attorney, who decided to roam the beach in a Michael Myers […]

A team of scientists and entrepreneurs announced Monday (September 13th) that they’ve started a company called Colossal with the goal of using genetic engineering to bring back the woolly mammoth, which went extinct some 10,000 years ago. The company has gotten $15 million in initial funding and will support research in Harvard Medical School biologist Dr. […]

We do almost everything on our smart phones, but what are they doing to us? Susan Denham Wade, an author in the UK, says the outlook isn’t good. Denham Wade spent four years researching and writing a book about human sight throughout history, which she says is “humanity’s ruling sense.” The smart phone, she says, […]

A 49-year-old U.K. plumber landed a record deal after a music mogul heard him singing while he was working in his bathroom. Kev Crane spent six weeks installing a new suite at the home of Paul Conneally, completely unaware that he was the owner of a record label. As he worked, Crane would spend his days singing […]

McDonald’s McFlurry machine has a tendency to break down, and it’s a big joke on social media. But now the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating. The FTC recently reached out to McDonald’s restaurant owners to collect more information about their experiences with the machines. The FTC hasn’t opened a formal probe yet, but reportedly […]

A wealthy tourist has changed the life of a hotel bellboy after leaving him the majority of a substantial inheritance. British man Charles George Courtney was a regular guest at Korur De Lux Hotel in Kusadasi, Turkey, which is where the pair crossed paths. During his 31 years as a bellboy in the hotel, Taskin Dasdan […]

It seems some pranksters are big fans of “The Simpsons.” The Henrico School Board, in Virginia, was having a meeting Thursday (August 26th), and some people who were signed up to speak were named Phil McCracken, Eileen Dover, and Wayne Kuhr. Other names of those who supposedly requested public comment included Suk Mahdik, Ophelia McCaulk […]

A McDonald’s in Medford, Oregon, has gotten attention online for a banner it put up looking to hire 14- and 15-year-olds amid the labor shortage. The McDonald’s operator, Heather Coleman, told Business Insider that the minimum wage raise to $15 an hour didn’t bring in as many job applicants as she’d hoped, but she got about 25 […]

A mountain lion that attacked a five-year-old boy in southern California has been shot and killed by a wildlife officer after the boy’s mother saved him from the animal. The 65-pound mountain lion attacked the boy while he was playing near his house  in Calabasas and dragged him some 45 yards across the front lawn. The boy’s mother […]



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