Ontario resident Susan Sos had a recent lucky streak playing lottery scratch tickets, winning not one, but two big jackpots in the course of three weeks, UPI reports. Sos said she was out for a drive and picked up a crossword scratch-off while filling up her gas tank at a store in Cobourg. “I found […]

On Monday night, a false rumor that Ellen DeGeneres had passed away gained momentum on Twitter. As The New York Post notes, people seemed to confuse rumors of her daytime talk show being canceled with reports that the 62-year-old funnywoman had died. (Again, she hasn’t.) While DeGeneres and her show are very much alive, her […]

Coronavirus lockdowns are a drag, but a gay nightclub in Peru has found a novel way to financially survive. The New York Post reports that on Tuesday, ValeTodo Downtown in the capital city of Lima reopened as Downtown Market, a grocery store staffed by the club’s drag queens. “I was very depressed because I have been doing […]

A man in the Quebec town of Chelsea has been reunited with an ice skate he lost years ago thanks to an amazing turn of events. Jeff Meldrum was cleaning out his basement last month when he came across his single Reebok ice skate and decided it was time to give up finding its mate, […]

A San Diego Starbucks barista who was shamed by a mask-refusing customer has raised more than $90,000 in online tips as of Monday morning. According to a recent GoFundMe update, Lenin Gutierrez plans to donate some of the money, but also wants to use the funds to support his goal of becoming a dancer. However, […]

Move over murder hornets, an old monster might be creeping back to life, according to Forbes. A new picture of the supposed Loch Ness monster is making the rounds among enthusiasts. Tourist Steve Challice took a picture of what appears to be a large creature in the lake. “If this is a genuine picture of a creature […]

Rice maker Uncle Ben’s has announced they will be revamping their image in the wake of recent conversations about race. “Now is the right time to evolve the Uncle Ben’s brand,” parent company Mars said in a statement. The news came just hours after Quaker Oats likewise announced that they’ll retire their 130-year-old Aunt Jemima […]

Twitter announced Wednesday that it is rolling out a new audio tweet feature to select iOS users, some of whom will notice a small sound wave icon when composing a tweet, Mashable reports. Those users can click the icon and will be able to record their voice and post it in their tweet. Users will […]

A man in Vienna, Austria, was fined 500 Euros for farting loudly in front of police during an incident on June 5, according to reports. The city police department defended the fine on Tuesday, saying that the man had “offended public decency” with his blast. They also said on Twitter that he had behaved “provocatively […]

A pair of nursing homes in the Concorde, New Hampshire area began a pen pal letter exchange during the coronavirus lockdowns as a way to ease loneliness for residents, the AP reports. But after the program was highlighted in local media, “That’s when the trouble began,” said Rich Vanderweit, who conceived of the program while […]



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