Bro-dal showers, not to be confused with bridal showers or bachelor parties, are a thing now, reports The New York Times. “The bachelor party is very different. It usually involves more money, a smaller, closer group of men, and it has a less sophisticated, wilder vibe,” says Alex Dulac, 40, the founder of The Plunge, a […]

You know the feeling…you’re just about to fall asleep and then WHAM, it hits you: an ugly old memory about that embarrassing thing you did years ago jolts you awake. For whatever reason, the memory still haunts you all these years later. Thankfully, Lifehacker put together this list of three techniques you can use to […]

A Texas teen is blowing up online, but not in a good way–as far as she’s concerned, anyway. TODAY reports that the girl’s parents have punished her for helping sneak boys into a recent slumber party by taking over her social media accounts for two weeks. “We said you can either go a month without a phone, or […]

Dolly Parton issued a challenge to her fans online on Monday, asking them to share their best versions of her 46-year-old hit song “Jolene,” Yahoo reports. The Country icon posted a video where actress Julianne Hough announced the contest, with the caption, “Only one more week until Heartstrings is here.” Hough is playing Parton in an episode […]

On Saturday morning in Port Orange, Florida, a man took a taxi to a Seacoast Bank branch. He then walked into the bank, displayed a weapon and left with a bag of stolen cash. Waiting for him was the very same taxi cab, which returned the robber to his home. Police eventually caught up with […]

Think Newfoundland weather is crazy? Over a foot of snow fell in Anchorage on Saturday, breaking the record for that date in the Alaskan city. But that wasn’t the only record to fall on Saturday, as temperatures rose to a record high of 45 degrees at 3 a.m. before dropping to the point where large […]

Wine is the go-to gift for party hosts, but Eater suggests switching things up the next time you attend a party. Try using these tips to bring your next party host something surprising and unpredictable. Prioritize your host. Remember that the gift isn’t for the party, it’s for the person hosting it. Therefore, try a personal […]

Laurent Simons, a 9-year-old from Belgium, is on track to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering this December, CNN reports. The prodigy is described by Eindhoven University of Technology staff as “simply extraordinary,” and plans to pursue a Ph. D in engineering as well as studying medicine when he has his […]

Twinkies, those ovular golden sponge cakes filled with cream, will soon be popping up in cereal aisles, too, thanks to a unique collaboration between the Post and Hostess brands. Now America’s favorite treat has now been transformed into a breakfast cereal that will be sold at Walmarts nationwide starting this December, People reports. Instead of being soft […]

What’s five stories tall, 35,000 square feet large, and opening this Friday? The largest Starbucks in all the world. Known officially as the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Chicago, it is located in Chicago, Illinois, along Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile, Eater reports. Each floor has its own theme and they even sell alcoholic beverages. Its doors will open at […]



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