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Want to feel warmer, cozier and happier at work? Here’s an easy thing to try: Wear slippers at the office! One writer at Post Grad Problems who recently tried it declares, “This has been, irrevocably, the best decision I’ve made in the course of my short one-year tenure at my company. My feet are warm […]

John Cena has revealed that he wasn’t as popular during his high school years as he is today. “Ah man, my whole teenage existence was awkward,” he tells Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, if you think I have a weird haircut now, I had a two-foot high top-fade. I wore the rayon, polka-dot Hammer pants, airbrushed […]

This list of gifts compiled by BuzzFeed consists of items that both people in a relationship can benefit from. Here are 10 of them (see full list at the link): A question per day journal with lines for both you and your SO (Amazon, $13).It’s a fun exercise and might spark some interesting conversations. An […]

In the wake of Kevin Hart stepping down as Oscars host because of his homophobic tweets from 2011, Nick Cannon has called out other comedians who have made problematic remarks on Twitter. First, he pulled up a by Chelsea Handler that read, “This is what a f*g bird looks like when he flexes” and commented, […]

Students at Ohio State University will have the opportunity to buy bacon out a vending machine during finals week. According to the AP, the vending machine was recently installed at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences building on the Columbus campus and offers cooked bacon strips and bacon bits for $1. The Ohio […]

Rapper 2 Milly is suing the makers of Fortnite for snagging his dance move and profiting from it. Quartzy reports 2 Milly filed the lawsuit against Epic Games, which makes Fortnite, on December 5 in California district court. The dance is question is referred to as the “Swipe it” emote in the game. Players had […]

The internet is laughing like a seal after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals suggested people hold their horses on using phrases like “beat a dead horse” because they’re a form of “speciesism.” “Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it,” PETA tweeted Tuesday along with […]

Twitter has compiled data a bunch of data to determine the most tweeted, liked and talked about content of 2018 on the platform. Here’s what they found: Musician: BTS Movement: March for Our Lives Movie: Black Panther TV Show: Saturday Night Live  Athlete: LeBron James Most liked tweet: BTS’ video for Drake’s #InMyFeelingsChallenge (1.6 million likes) Most used hashtag: #NowPlaying Day With […]

In the time of #TimesUp, there’s never been a brighter light shone on workplace shenanigans. With that in mind, would you be better off skipping your office holiday party? Not a chance, reports CNN, which thinks such soirees are an ideal opportunity to schmooze with colleagues–including your boss. That being said, networking expert Gayle Hallgren-Rezac […]

Pete Davidson has blocked his ex-fiancee Ariana Grande on Instagram. Page Six reports that before Grande urged fans to be “gentler” to Davidson in the wake of their split, she sent a DM to a fan on Twitter and said she couldn’t see his statement about being cyberbullied. In other words, she was blocked by him.



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