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Someday soon you may be sitting through an ad while streaming your favourite shows. Following a reported loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of this year, Netflix will shift to accommodate cheaper plans. The price of subscription to the streaming service has steadily risen over the last few years, and now a major […]

We should still be praising essential workers getting us through the pandemic. Researchers from four different US universities find essential workers who receive public praise are energized and recover in healthy ways from the stress of their jobs, while those who don’t receive that praise experience negative emotions and are more likely to drink, smoke, […]

Town officials in a North Cowichan, B.C. are greatly concerned over the welfare of the world’s largest hockey stick, after a series of attacks from woodpeckers. Residents first spotted a pair of northern flickers, a type of woodpecker protected by the British Columbia Wildlife Act, atop the 61 000 lbs hockey stick earlier this month. […]

With the Easter weekend behind us, if you’re in the market for some cheap candy, now is the time. Did you know that what you pick up from the candy aisle says something about your personality? It turns out that people who gravitate to certain types of candy tend to share personality traits. For example, […]

What makes a good wedding reception? A man on Reddit recently posted about how he was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding, and there wasn’t enough food available. He wrote that he asked the bride about the timing of food for the day, as he must take a certain medication at a certain time, and […]

A jury in Kentucky has awarded a man $450 000 after he sued his employer for celebrating his birthday at work. Kevin Berling says he told his manager at Gravity Diagnostics in Covington in 2019 that he would prefer not to have a birthday celebration, citing immense stress. After the company ignored his request, Berling […]

Would you ever let a stranger name your baby? Probably not. How about paying that person for the same service? Seems even less likely. Well it turns out that”professional baby namer” is an actual job and I want to know how to apply. A woman named Taylor Humphrey has gone viral recently for claiming that […]

It’s pretty funny when official organizations make a big mistake. Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services apologized after it accidentally tweeted out a link to a porn video instead of a government website with COVID-19 data. The Canadian industry tweeted the link this past Thursday and more than a half-hour passed before officials corrected […]

A surefire way to increase foot traffic to you r business is offer your customers something they need for as cheap as they can possibly get it. Grow Green MI in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, gave away free gas to 180 customers this past Friday. The store awarded 5 gallons (approximately 22L) of gasoline with any […]

San Francisco police were puzzled after pulling over a car without a driver.  The San Francisco Police Department says officers stopped a vehicle for driving after dark without its headlights activated. When police walked up to the driver’s side window to address the occupant, they found no one in side. The autonomous vehicle was a […]



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